act of governmental power

акт державної влади

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  • power — The right, ability, authority, or faculty of doing something. Authority to do any act which the grantor might himself lawfully perform. Porter v. Household Finance Corp. of Columbus, D.C.Ohio, 385 F.Supp. 336, 341. A power is an ability on the… …   Black's law dictionary

  • governmental immunity — see immunity Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of Law. Merriam Webster. 1996. governmental immunity …   Law dictionary

  • act — Denotes external manifestation of actor s will. Restatement, Second, Torts No. 2. Expression of will or purpose, carrying idea of performance; primarily that which is done or doing; exercise of power, or effect of which power exerted is cause; a… …   Black's law dictionary

  • governmental act — An act in exercise of police power or in exercise of constitutional, legislative, administrative, or judicial powers conferred on federal, state or local government for benefit of public. A step physically taken by persons capable of exercising… …   Black's law dictionary

  • Act of Consolidation, 1854 — Map of Philadelphia County prior to the Act of Consolidation. The Act of Consolidation, more formally known as the act of February 2, 1854 (P.L. 21, No. 16), was enacted by General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and approved… …   Wikipedia

  • governmental activity — A function of government in providing for its own support or in providing services to the public; e.g. taxation and the collection of taxes. Goble v. Zolot, 144 Neb. 70, 12 N.W.2d 311, 312. Generally, when a municipality s activity is for… …   Black's law dictionary

  • Act 250 (Vermont law) — In the spring of 1970, the Vermont legislature passed [ Act 250] , known as the Land Use and Development Act. Development pressures resulting from the opening of two interstate highways (I 89 and I 91)… …   Wikipedia

  • Administrative Procedure Act — Infobox U.S. legislation name= Administrative Procedure Act of 1946 fullname= acronym= APA enacted by= effective date= public law url= cite public law= cite statutes at large= acts amended= title amended= sections created= sections amended=… …   Wikipedia

  • Freedom to Breathe Act — The Freedom to Breathe Act of 2007 is a piece of Minnesota legislation that restricts the act of smoking tobacco products in public places. It amends sections of Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act (MCIAA) of 1975.Contents of Act ControversyOn May 16 …   Wikipedia

  • Agricultural Adjustment Act — The Agricultural Adjustment Act (USPL|73|10, enacted May 12, 1933) restricted production during the New Deal by paying farmers to reduce crop area. Its purpose was to reduce crop surplus so as to effectively raise the value of crops, thereby… …   Wikipedia

  • Freedom of Information Act — n. A federal law, 5 U.S.C.A. section 552, that attempts to prevent abuse of governmental power by requiring federal agencies to make documents and information about agency matters available to the general public, with a few exceptions. abbrv.… …   Law dictionary

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